The Indigenous Permaculture Program is a grassroots organization that supports community food security to revitalize ecological health.




  • Revitalize Native and local communities through indigenous science, land stewardship, sustainable agriculture, community food security, and sustainable development.
  • Promote awareness of human impacts on the natural environment and on Indigenous communities when unsustainable choices are made
  • Use locally-available resources and demonstrate the power of conscious choices to create self-sufficient communities that care for and preserve Mother Earth


We share traditional farming practices and apply environmentally and culturally-appropriate technology like guided imagery meditation, with the ultimate goal of gaining mental health of our communityy, and do this work in an affordable way that builds capacity within the community. We provide holistic support to design and implement community food security projects, inspired by indigenous peoples' understanding of how to live in place.

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As a non-profit organization our ability to continue relies upon your generous contributions. We would like to thank Eco Mag, Sushi Restaurant Shiki and the Lom Funding for the support.

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