People have a bigger impact on the Earth than they think. Everything they do affects the Earth from eating to building shelter. People often forget that the Earth is a living thing and often take the resources for granted. The way that we do things today affects the future of the Earth and the environment in which future generations will live.

waterWater is one of the most important natural resources on Earth. It is the foundation for all forms of live. Every living thing on this Earth needs water to survive. Every animals, insect, and ever plant needs water to live and continue to grow. We are polluting the water supply on the Earth and do not realize the impact that we are having. One of the biggest negative impact that humans have done to this Earth is the pollution of the water. Only 2.5 percent of all the water on this Earth is freshwater and of that amount only 1 percent is available to be used by humans. Every person on this Earth needs as much as 13 gallon of water a day for drinking, cooking, and bathing. This does not include the water needed by animals or by plant life. Plants need even more water in order to grow and to thrive. If we keep on polluting our fresh water supply there is not going to be any clean water left in the future. We are already seeing the effects of acid rain and how it is killing the environment. According to experts are much as 69 percent of the fresh water is being contaminated due to the use of pesticides and fossil fuels. We need to take measures to clean up our water. We need to stop using harmful chemicals on our crops to help protect our freshwater supply.

Our Land

Our-LandOur land is also being polluted. We are always building stores and communities. We are looking for bigger and better homes as well as additional roadways. There is illegal dumping happening as well as poor farming practices. We are destroying the land as well as the habitat for animals. We need to stop doing this right away. When we are planning out communities we need to do this properly. We need to stop taking away natural resources. There is some land such as mountains that are not suitable for farming. When we do farm we need to use organic and sustainable methods in order to protect the Earth for future generations. We need to also change the way that we use energy. We need to move to clean energy sources such as wind or solar power. These methods should begin to reduce the number of nuclear plants that are needed.

We need to take care of the Earth today and stop destroying it so the future generations can grow food and have clean water to drink. We need to change the way things are done to protect the Earth.