It is important that we study ecology and learn how all of the systems of the Earth work together. We also need to know how we have an impact on the Earth. There are some principals of ecology that will show how permaculture is important to help save the Earth before any more damage is done.

Value Life

We need to value our life and the life of living things around us. Once we see the value is all of the living things on the Earth as well as the natural resources we can begin to see the importance in taking care of it. There are many things in the environment that are useful for humans. We get our food from the Earth. We need to realize how all living things depend on the Earth and take measures to make sure that the Earth is protected.

Human Place

Human-PlaceWhile humans are considered to be one of the most intelligent species on Earth we need to set our egos aside and realize that all life is important. As humans we have to realize that we do not have the right to exploit the Earth for our own selfish needs. Sometimes we need to do things the long way to make sure that we are taking care of the Earth. For example it make take more time to plant a tree for ever tree we are cutting down but trees help put oxygen back into the air for us to breathe. Our future generations will thank us for the little bit of extra work and effort.

Observation and Interaction

We need to slow down our busy pace and look at the way we interact with nature. Once we look at how we do things and realize how much harm it is causing we can then take measures to reevaluate the way things are done and find ways to do things that will not harm nature.

Save Energy

We need to get away from the nuclear energy and even gas powered applications for our cars and homes. We need to begin to switch over to wind power energy and solar energy. These methods are better for the environment. In the long run they are also cheaper for humans. They are even able to store up energy that is not used and collect it. We can then use this energy at a time of need. The sun and the wind are not going away and they will provide more than enough energy to power this planet.

Self Regulation

We need to look at ourselves and what we can do to stop wasting resources. We need to stop some of our behaviors in order to protect the Earth.

These are some of the things that we need to do to help protect the environment. All living things need to be able to work together. We need to stop harming the environment and be at one with it in order to protect the Earth for other living things as well as future generations of humans.