EnergyFire is the energy indigenous peoples have used for millenia. In the modern day, we have tapped many sources of energy to meet our needs and create a high quality of life. We now know that unfortunately many energies have very negative impacts in their use, creating air pollution and climate change. And the high concentration of peoples means we must be efficient and judicious in our use of energy, if there is to be enough for all.

Create a better relationship with Fire through any measure of ways

Install renewable electricity sources, like solar, geothermal, small-scale hydro, and wind. These are expensive at the grassroots level, and using efficiency first to greatly reduce your energy use is important.
Install solar hot water, a low-cost, low-technology way to warm water on a roof
Convert diesel vehicles to veggie oil (or use diesel for biodiesel directly).
Make biodiesel from waste oil sources.
EnergyInstall high-efficiency wood stoves (wood being the common cooking fuel in many countries)
Turn off and unplug appliances when not in use. Even equipment that is not on uses energy, particularly high-tech equipment
Use only efficient appliances, including compact fluorescents or LEDs for lights