Project Agenda for 2010-2011

  • Acquire and restore three acres of land for demonstration workshops, meetings, and improving the soil health, water quality, and native biodiversity of Mother Earth.
  • Green environmental Leader training "urban Solutions for sustainable living"
  • Construct a root cellar to enhance food processing and storage, terrace hills, and expand organic fields, to be within one year of beginning a small-scale Traditional Agriculture program at Pine Ridge
  • Expand sustainable development work at Sonsonate by terracing the hillside, installing a water pump, solar power, Gas Bio-digester as well as extend water catchment, composting toilet, and efficient stove projects to other communities.
  • Enable one hundred additional people with information on sustainable living practices and traditional agriculture in our Pine Ridge, Sonsonate, and other Bay Area work.


We currently seek land in the Bay Area to allow us to:

  • Hold workshops for Bay Area participants to share Urban agricultural information;
  • Conduct hands-on work to provide ”knowing-by-doing” to participants, and help create a healthy Community


Contact us if you have or know of land that we could use.

We intend to conduct the next phases of fieldwork over 2009 and 2010.   Our long-term vision is to convert the land to organic farming in three years and use it to continue sharing information with future generations.