At Pine Ridge, we are working on community food security to improve health, food access, affordability, and self-sufficiency. Specific tactics we are using to address these issues are:

  • Provide natural vegetables to significantly help reverse diabetes problems in the community.
  • Honor the land through organic farming techniques, enhancing the on-site gathering place.
  • Achieve a degree of self-sufficiency in food production


Lakota Wounjupi indigenous permaculture food security garden

Prior to working with IP in 2003, the Pine Ridge project did not have a garden. Now, three acres of land now support biodiverse agriculture, and there is a greenhouse as well as two large gardens with a drip irrigation line.  Excess produce is distributed to elders and other community members.  At the 2008 Wazi Paha agriculture fair at Oglala Lakota College, produce from the garden took top awards (i.e. largest squash).  Dozens of community members have been inspired to be involved with the garden at some point over the course of the year.

Pine Ridge Lakota food security greenhouse






And in 2009, success continues:

Lakota garden 2009










To advance the project, we need to procure a used tractor, trees, and soil nutrients to terrace the hillside; enhance and expand the demonstration garden; install a well, and build a root cellar to preserve food past the short growing season.  Your support can help!

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